Top 5 Reasons to Support a Small Business

24 February 2020

Blog post image for LA Biz Guide. It is a florist interacting with a customer. This blog post talks about the top 5 reasons to support small businesses.


You will be amazed to know what you have been missing by not patronizing the small business around you by the time you finish reading this article.

In today’s competitive world of business, small businesses have been given less/no attention without understanding the important values they provide.

The top five reasons why you need to support the small business around you are:

  • Small Business gives Better Customer Service

A recent survey conducted by America express showed that two out of three customer claims that they will always patronize a business where they are given great service, personalize interactions and extensive knowledge of customers’ need.

Small businesses are interested in growing their business and they know that customers are the greatest asset they can acquire, so they want to keep every customer’s demand met without compromise. Small business takes time to note what you need, offer special services and may stay open after schedule closing hour just for you. This enables them to make more money and save customers’ stress and worry.

  • Small businesses offer better services at a cheaper rate

Big businesses can spend time to craft out the features of a product for customers to see. This means that they have to paint a picture that gets the customer to see the features of the product and how it can benefit them which requires labor and also add up to the price of the product. In small businesses, they don’t have to paint pictures of their products, so they speak directly to their customers which give customers the opportunity to ask more questions regarding the product and does not in any way affect the price of the product.

  • Small businesses care about your community

Small businesses have most of their customer within the community of their operation and they know that their success is mostly tied to the acceptance by the community. To build this relationship, owners donate to charity organizations, religious groups, and non-profit organizations and also encourage employees to volunteer and support community projects. So, when you patronize the small business around you, you are helping your community to thrive.

  • Creates social and economic relationships

Small businesses sell products and demand for services of other people. This creates a relationship between the different parties involved. For example, a farmer needs money to grow and process his farm products and he will need the bank to lend him money for his business which in return he sells his products to retailers and all of them benefit and make money from the chain. Thereby promoting social and economic relationships.

  • Help reduce the rate of unemployment

Many small businesses offer locally produced products within close environments. This demands for services of people (skilled and unskilled) within the environment which helps in reducing the rate of unemployment.


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