About LA Biz Guide


LA Biz Guide is your community directory and resource for local businesses, services, qualified professionals, and community events around the Los Angeles, CA area


 This site was created for those, who love and support local businesses, to find those “gems” in the community.


                              The benefits of shopping local include:

  • Re-investing into the community (and supporting entrepreneurial dreams)
  • Being treated as a person & receiving that “personal touch”  (and not like “a number” as you would at big businesses)
  • Being able to quickly access products that are locally made (& services that can be quickly provided)


How LA Biz Guide helps locals:  We constantly build our directory with local businesses in the LA area so you have quality options to choose from. We also showcase local sales, deals and, events. Check out our business listings here.

How LA Biz Guide helps local businesses: Businesses around the Los Angeles area are able to list their business details for free.  To have more visibility, local businesses are able to purchase a premium listing, place ads, and promote deals/specials at reasonable prices.

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