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Emmalee Brooks
May 01, 2020

So, this is the first time I've had soul food in Cali after moving here 3 yrs ago. Moved here from Ky and I have to say I really liked the food. The koolaid was 🔥. I got the catfish nugget lunch with yams & mac n cheese. A side of the cornbread stuffing w/gravy and a banana pudding. The catfish was good and nicely breaded. The yams were sweet (they way I like them). The mac n cheese was good (I always add sugar to mine). The cornbread stuffing was a bit salty, but I'm not sure if that was because of the gravy? Also, the banana pudding wasn't my favorite. It does taste like the kind you would get from Kroger or Walmart. Somewhat artificial or similar to pudding cups. I also had the lemonade. It is very sweet but I personally like mine to be a little sour too. So, I would say it is based of your own personal preference. Overall, I was satisfied.

Carmen Stewart
April 19, 2020

I ordered the Hungry Women meal using GrubHub and my experience with Granny's Kitchen was the worst. This is the absolute worst soul food I ever had everything was overly sweet, burnt and salty.. Meatloaf: was pink in the middle burnt and salty it tasted like some sort of canned potted meat.. yuck🤮🤮 Yams: was slimy and way too much sugar🤢🤢 Greens/cabbage: was ok but salty and sweet not a good combo 🤮🤮 Rice/gravy: the rice was undercooked and the gravy was way too watery and salty 😬😬🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮 tasted like Campbell can gravy. Cornbread dressing: was so disgusting it had way to much salt and gravy it tasted like a wet sock🤢 Cornbread muffin: was basically jiffy brand dry and plain taste artificial as well 😔🤢 Sweet tea: was tooooo sweeet if it was any sweeter you will go into a sugar attack 🤮🤮 I actually ordered the lemonade but they sent sweet tea instead😭😭 Banana pudding: was so nasty it tasted so artificial the pudding was basically a snack pudding with 99cent vanilla wafers with 3 banana slices what a joke...😣😣😣 Mac: I didn't get to try it because they forgot to bring it with my order😩😠 I'm so disappointed at this restaurant. and how they treat their customers this is unacceptable and bad business😡 😠 This so called soul food is not soul food this is trash and the owner really needs a wake up call!!! If you're looking for a real soul food place look elsewhere because this is not the one!

brenda jimenez
July 04, 2020

Absolutely love this place! The food is delicious and the customer service is always on point.

Dr. Saundra Randall
June 07, 2019

This place is the *Bomb* for authenic, Real Home Cooked Soul Food! I love it and I highly recommend it. There's No Need to worry because this location is very safe. They run out of many faves like short ribs Early on Sunday. Place your order by phone *in advance* to make certain you get to eat what your taste buds desire. Parking is limited. The restaurant is not fancy but it's like your Mama's or Granny's Kitchen. It is very clean. I like to eat-in to "enjoy the complete dining experience." The drinks are "syrupy sweet" so if you have dietary restrictions order the cucumber water.

Keisha Fisher
July 13, 2020

Ima start off saying the black eye peas was fire🔥... but everything else was flavorless I ordered the oxtail dinner w/ Mac n cheese, rice n gravy and yams . My 2nd order was a 2 piece chicken dinner which turned out to be a 2 piece wing dinner for $14... Waste of money Won’t be going back ☹️

Granny’s Kitchen Southern Style Soul Food

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5440 S Central Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90011, USA

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