Palm grove ethiopian restaurant

1905 S Western Ave #11, Los Angeles, CA 90018, USA

About Palm grove ethiopian restaurant

4.5 / 5 from reviews
Palm grove ethiopian restaurant

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1905 S Western Ave #11, Los Angeles, CA 90018, USA

Joseph Belland
October 12, 2019

This place was delicious!! The staff was lovely and it was a great experience.

Abby Shea
March 31, 2019

Accommodated our large group without a reservation. Very good vegetarian options. The prices were reasonable. I would definitely come back again.

Ash Malik
April 10, 2019

I personally wouldn't come here again because my taste buds and Ethiopian food don't go that well together. The first two times that I've tried this place I got this spongy gray bread and some Ethiopian specials, but they weren't my favorite. I didn't even finish the food because I didn't like it them. If you're into Ethiopian food then this is the place for you, but not so much for me.

Deadra Saba
August 09, 2019

Very authentic Ethiopian restaurant with phenomenal quality food and excellent service.

Vikas Patil
January 12, 2019

Great portion sizes, delicious food and friendly staff. They even gave us extra injera when we asked for a doggy bag. Veggie combo is a good deal, price and portion wise. Honey wine was delicious and worth a try once. Same goes for their Ethiopian coffee. Plenty of parking space. Definitely worth going.

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